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Making Your Ceremony Unique

For Brides

Everyone wants to make their wedding unique. That’s one of my favorite things about weddings – the ability to customize and create a wedding that is unique to who you are as a couple.

So today we’re talking about tips on how to make your wedding unique during the ceremony!

Choose a location that you LOVE!

7 years ago when Kathryn and I got married, we chose a BEAUTIFUL reception venue, but decided to get married in a church a few minutes down the road. And guess what?! We didn’t love it! That specific church had no sentimental value to us – I chose it simply because it was close to the reception, and I felt the pull of going a traditional route, especially from our parents. If I could do it again, I would have gotten married outside at our reception venue! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting married in a church – some of the sweetest weddings we have photographed have had church ceremonies!

Walk – or dance-  {down the aisle} to the beat of your own drum!

The days of walking down the aisle to Canon in D are over (although that’s what I walked down the aisle to almost 5 years ago!). Pick a song that means something to you! There is almost always an instrumental version of modern songs if you don’t want vocals. We have seen brides walk down the aisle to The Beatles, Christina Perri, Christian hymns, Jason Mraz, and so many more, and we all have seen that office episode where they danced down to Chris Brown! The options really are limitless! If you need some ideas, check out this list from The Knot! 

Write your own vows to make your wedding unique!

I know this can seem overwhelming and you might feel like you have to be an amazing writer to do this, but that’s just not true! All you have to do is write from the heart – tell your love how you feel, how they make you feel, and how excited you are to do life with them! As an added bonus, you can put your vows in a custom vow book made just for you like Samantha and Daniel did!

Do something during the ceremony that is meaningful to you!

We have seen couples do a unity braid (from the Bible Verse Ecclesiastes 4:12) and you can even get a custom board with your names on it like this! You could combine two colors of sand, representing the unity of two families, we had one couple combine glass crystals that they had shipped off and fused into artwork that they can keep forever! You could also have a time where you take communion and pray with your spouse!


Have a special reading during the ceremony

Maybe you have a favorite poem or excerpt from a book that is sentimental to your relationship! This is a great way to make your wedding unique!

If you have any other ideas to make your wedding unique, comment and let us know! We would love to hear more ideas 🙂


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