The Importance of Self Awareness with Ben Chernivsky -

The Importance of Self Awareness with Ben Chernivsky

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In this episode, I talk with Ben Chernivsky. Ben is an incredible photographer and business owner, and he has so much great information to share about that. But today we are going a different (and equally as important) route, focusing on the importance of self awareness, and how that impacts all parts of your life, including your business. Ben lives his life with the intention of taking action. He is able to do that by scheduling everything, surrounding himself with the right kind of support, and keeping his mind and body healthy. Ben works in super intense 30 minute increments, then makes sure to take time for mental breaks, doing things he enjoys like roasting his own coffee in his garage. He has found benefits from going to counseling with his wife. They have learned how to communicate, and found out each of their roles in the family, realizing neither role is more important. Exercising and eating healthy play a big role in Ben’s life, and he sees these as preventative measures to keep himself healthy. While Ben runs incredibly successful businesses, he says, “To me, your business is a supplement to get you buy in this weird world that we live in right now, it is not a measure of success”. He believes that it is so important to find happiness within yourself, and that no one is perfect, everyone is a work in progress. Your business is a reflection of you, so taking care of your mental and physical health keeps you from carrying baggage into your business. It has been so refreshing to talk about these things with Ben! Self awareness is such an important topic that directly affects your business, so don’t neglect it!

For those of you curious about Ben’s schedule, he really does schedule EVERYTHING… from work to birthdays, to Facetimes and phone calls. And I am so impressed with how organized and color coded it all is. Having a schedule helps to keep you on task and keeps things from falling through the cracks. Here is an example of what a month looks like:

















Ben will be joining us at the Kreativ Summit in Orlando January 27-29, 2020.

You can find Ben on instagram @thisisfeeling on or on his website

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What the Gram Images:

1. Family Halloween costumes from Toy Story 4
















2. Running with a counselor from camp, who was a ‘real life superhero’ for Ben. They kept in touch throughout life stages. He passed away from cancer several years ago, and Ben is so grateful for his impact and friendship. Ben asks the question: Who do you look up to? Who do you put up on a pedestal and shouldn’t? Do you have someone in your life that you love and want to thank? And then let them know, because you don’t know when someone will pass on.














3. Ben’s cat, Sammy, who he and his wife have had since they got married.















4. Ben and his wife when they first met in 2004. Ben was a camp counselor.




















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