61. Destination Adventure Elopement Photography with Maddie Mae of Adventure Instead -

61. Destination Adventure Elopement Photography with Maddie Mae of Adventure Instead

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If you are interested in elopement photography, you do not want to miss this! In this episode, I talk with Maddie Mae, a destination adventure elopement photographer and educator based out of Colorado. She is the founder of the elopement photography collective, Adventure Instead and the education brand, Adventure Instead Academy.

After 5 years photographing big wedding days, she found herself burnt out and jaded with the performance and production of big weddings, and saw many couples get lost among the family obligations and expectations, wasteful stuff and trash, anxiety and stress, and forced pointless traditions.

That all changed when she photographed her first elopement. Immediately she knew that it was her greatest passion to help couples be their truest selves on the day they get married and to bring the focus of their wedding day back to what truly matters: their relationship & celebrating their commitment to each other in an authentic & meaningful way.

She took the leap to go “all in” and specialized her business in elopements in 2015. Applying the proven tools & strategies she learned studying business marketing in college, she booked 30 dream adventurous elopements in the following year, and had a 6-figure income—while transitioning her brand to the incredibly niche, pro-elopement brand that it is today. Now, 4 years later, she runs a Rangefinder-award-winning, kickass team of 3 adventurous female photographers (herself, Amber, & Tori), who together—travel to over 15 countries a year, helping over 100 eloping couples bring their vision of their own intimate & meaningful wedding experiences to life. 

Their mission is to give couples permission to do everything they truly want on their wedding day, create a safe space for them to be themselves, and guide them toward their  unforgettable “just us” wedding day experience. 

Maddie also embodies this mission through her education brand, Adventure Instead Academy—by teaching photographers how to book more elopements and serve eloping couples. In 2019 she created the first ever all-in-one business & marketing online course that teaches everything needed to know to become an elopement photographer. Her course will be available for sale again November 26 – December 3, 2019 at adventureinsteadacadmey.com

She also runs a free educational facebook group for adventurous elopement & wedding photographers at facebook.com/groups/weddingsandwanderlust

I really enjoyed talking with Maddie and getting a chance to hear about all of the incredible insight she has for elopement photographers. This girl has passion! Make sure to check her out.

What The Gram:

1. Tori, Maddie Mae, and Amber: the amazing photography team that makes up Adventure Instead

2. First Time Skydiving



























3. Curious Puppy from an Elopement (by Amber)

4. Scuba Diving





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