The Best Venues AROUND charlotte Nc to get married!


You are probably running into this issue a lot. You live in Charlotte and are searching for venues, but you can’t find one that isn’t a country club or ballroom, OR you can’t find one that you feel like really fits what you want! So what I did was put together a list of the best venues around Charlotte Nc.

Great thing for you, I have photographed weddings ALL over the world, but for this blog, I will coverĀ  Charleston, Asheville, and Boone.. If you want to see my international list of locations, check out this blog post on doing a destination/elopement vs. Traditional local weddings.

Keep in mind; these are all only places we have photographed. There are a lot more venues in these locations, but these are our favorites so far!


Charleston is one of our favorite locations for weddings, it is actually the #1 wedding location in America!

Lowndes Grove Plantation

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Lowndes Grove is an absolutely gorgeous 14-acre waterfront venue that we love being at. From the classical inside to lawn surrounded by beautiful oaks perfect for a ceremony. With a tented back porch, perfect in the rain or shine the leads right onto the dock over the water. We are obsessed with this venue and rightly so!

Magnolia Plantation

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Magnolia Plantation is one of the most beautiful and spacious venues around. Named one of the most beautiful gardens in the world, Magnolia Plantation gives you so many options to walk around and explore a new world. From the gorgeous bridge over the water to the perfectly symmetrical gardens and even the hidden ones, this place is perfect for ANY wedding, big or small!

William Aiken House

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The William Aiken House is by far one of my favorite venues in Charleston. It’s like a private garden tucked right in the center of King Street. The house gives plenty of gorgeous spaces for getting ready with your closest friends and family, and the yard is PERFECT for a ceremony. They have created the perfect pergola to house a ceremony, and the reception area is very customizable, making it incredible for any party!

Middleton Place

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Middleton Place is as Royal as it sounds. The whole estate is surrounded by gorgeous gardens. From colossal oak trees that look over the water to mazes and grand flower laced walkways, this place is gorgeous! There are even sheep on hand to interact with, but watch out for the Alligators! Don’t worry; they stay far away!

Boone Hall Plantation

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When you think of Charleston, you think of Boone Hall Plantation. You drive down the road, and it has Spanish Moss and oak trees draped over your car. What I love about this venue is the ability to have your ceremony anywhere, you can be right under the Spanish moss! Their chandelier filled the room right off of the water is perfect for your reception.

The Cedar Room

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The Cedar Room is a HUGE venue with plenty of space if you are thinking of having a big party. What I really love about this venue is the ability to partition the ceremony and the reception if you wanted to have them all in one place and then have the cocktail hour outside. It is an awesome venue with a lot upside and options!

Legare Waring House

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Although I haven’t photographed a wedding at Legare Waring House, I have done a session, and this place is Spanish moss and Oak Tree heaven! With grand driveways dripping with Spanish Moss. There is a GORGEOUS large field draped with oak trees, PERFECT for your ceremony!


Omni Grove Park Inn

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The Omni Grove Park Inn is one of the most prestigious venues in Asheville. Uniquely located at the end of a neighborhood, it’s tucked right in the hills and overlooks the mountains for as far as the eye can see. Their terrace is the perfect place for a ceremony and cocktail hour for getting those stunning mountain photos!


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The Biltmore is everything to be expected and as advertised! The great thing about the Biltmore is there are 10 locations where you can get married at the Biltmore, so if your budget doesn’t bit the $75,000 lawn fee, don’t worry, there are more options!

The Venue

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The Venue has really awesome ownership and with multiple locations. There is a gorgeous house, and a ceremony spot tucked away in the mountains of Asheville if you want to have your reception close by, they have a newly built reception barn. If you want your reception uptown, they have a location right in the center of downtown Asheville.

Chestnut Ridge

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Chestnut Ridge is one of the most beautifully done barns I have ever seen. They really did an excellent job creating a space that is modern and elegant but also a bit rustic. This isn’t your typical “tacky barn,” and the views are gorgeous! The staff is absolutely amazing, and if you are looking for that venue that you want to make look like Chip and Johanna Gaines created it, this is the one for you.


Crestwood Inn

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Crestwood Inn venue is incredible! Their trees create one of the most gorgeous ceremony backdrops around, and the large reception windows make for perfect first dance photos imaginable!

Chetola Resort

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The Chetola is one of the coolest and most prestigious venues around the area. When you pull in, it feels like you are entering into a different world, secluded in the mountains. Sitting right next to a lake, its perfect for an intimate wedding, or a large wedding and an incredible party!

Twickenham House

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The Twickenham House venue blows me away over and over and over again. This house is terrific for bringing your family in for the week before or after the wedding. You can have your ceremony at the lower area near the old chimney, in the backyard, or at the top of the mountain surrounded by your amazing family and friends. There are also plenty of options to have your reception on the back lawn or in the new, amazing barn with the giant fireplace. It’s SUPER romantic!

Beech Mountain Resort

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Beech Mountain Resort is a gorgeous place with an amazing ski lift for awesome photos with a ton of ceremony locations. The grand room is lovely for a reception, and the grounds are picturesque and perfect!

I hope this is a great list for you all to go off of. We LOVE these places and have shot there so if you have any other questions or want us to come with you, just reach out!


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