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Stitch Fix Review! The Pros, Cons, & Why I Love It!


Hey Friends!
Today, I’m doing a review of my most recent Stitch Fix box!

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that sends you 5 items based on your style profile that you fill out on their site! I love Stitch Fix because of how detailed you can be in your style profile- you can specify what not to send (shoes, jewelry, bags, etc.) or let them know what you really want (for this one, I requested a maxi dress!). You can also link up a Pinterest board so that they can see the types of clothes you love!

Once you fill out your style profile, you pay $20 for a styling fee and order your box! They’ll send you 5 items, you can try them on with clothes you already have, keep what you want, and then send back what you don’t (in a prepaid bag included in your box!). The great thing is, the styling fee goes towards any item you choose to keep. They also offer a pretty nice discount if you decide to keep all 5 items they send you! They include  a style card with ideas on how to style each item!

Is Stitch Fix a monthly subscription?!

No! Well, it can be! You can sign up to receive a fix automatically (monthly, quarterly) or you can just go to your account and order one when you’re wanting to treat your self! 😉

Here’s the 5 items I received, what I loved/didn’t about each item, and whether I kept the item or not!

Item #1 : Light Blue Sleeveless Top

Pros: This shirt is really comfortable! It has really cute, simple detailing that gives it a nice feminine touch, it’s a great versatile color, and it’s sleeveless (hello NC heat!)

Cons: Hand wash only (you can request that they not send you hand wash items, I just throw mine on a delicate cycle), wrinkles VERY easily

Status: Kept and LOVE

4V6A4218 - August 01, 2016

Item #2: Colorful Top

Pros: I love that this shirt is colorful! I requested some colorful tops in this fix because I tend to always buy black / white / tan colored tops and needed some pops of color! I love that this shirt buttons up, but the buttons are hidden by a strip of fabric.

Cons: The armholes on this shirt are a little bit big, so sometimes my  bra can be seen. This isn’t a huge deal, but definitely something I’m aware of while I’m wearing it.

Status: Kept and LIKE

4V6A4243 - August 03, 2016

Item #3: Ivory and Grey Striped Jacket

Pros: This jacket is really comfortable

Cons: I don’t like the metal detailing, the sleeves are a tiny bit long, and IMO it’s a weird fusion between trying to be nice but also casual.

Status: Kept to receive the discount (I knew I loved the other 4 items, and when I calculated the cost, it was cheaper for me to keep this jacket and get the 5 item discount, than to send it back)

Kathryn's Fashion (19 of 35) Kathryn's Fashion (10 of 35)

Item #4 : White Halter Style Top

Pros: This shirt has beautiful detailing that make me feel very pretty and feminine, it’s very comfortable

Cons: This shirt is quite sheer! It has two layers of fabric, but it’s still pretty see through.

Status: Kept and LOVE

Kathryn's Fashion (6 of 35) Kathryn's Fashion (5 of 35) Kathryn's Fashion (4 of 35)

Item #5 : White and Pastel Halter Style Maxi Dress

Pros: This dress makes me feel so beautiful! I love the colors, I love that the sides are cut, so the skirt part doesn’t feel constraining

Cons: The lining only comes to my mid-thigh, and the fabric is pretty sheer, I don’t like the butterflies printed on it (although I love the colors)

Status: Kept and LOVE!

Kathryn's Fashion (34 of 35) Kathryn's Fashion (29 of 35) Kathryn's Fashion (22 of 35)

If you want your own Stitch Fix, Click HERE! You can fill out your style profile (so much fun!) and order your own box!

Happy Fixing!



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