Building a Senior Rep that Changes the World with Melissa Hunt

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This girl is absolutely amazing and absolutely killing it! On this episode of the Anchored podcast we are talking to Melissa Hunt of Melissa Lynn Photography here in Charlotte,Nc. I seriously think this girl is one of the best senior photographers out there and her senior rep program is absolutely changing the world… Literally, its changing the world and the community. Not only that, its actually helping these girls in their college interviews!

We also talk all about in person sales and how to get around the pesky digital files conversation as well as collections and setting expectations!

If you are interested in learning from her or learning more about her senior rep program, check her out at


Also, if you are interested in specifically about learning from her and her program email her at: She is looking for some people that want to learn more about this program! 

Here are all of the awesome photos from our what the gram segment:



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