In Home Kitchen Engagement Session | Greenboro Nc | Aviry + Brett


We had an amazing time with Aviry & Brett during their In Home Kitchen engagement session!

The Couple

We Absolutely LOVE these two. We met a while back ago at Alicia & Brandon’s wedding and from there we have naturally become instagram best friends! From there we saw that they got engaged and we got so excited for them, then they contacted us! YAYYY!  Brett & Aviry met at UNCG, (Go Spartans!) and are in the same Ph.D program studying together and I think they will be amazing counselors! Brett used to be a chef so we thought, why not do an in home session where they get to do what they love together and hang out. I think the results are well worth it! Enjoy this kitchen engagement session, I know we did! 

in-home-kitchen-engagement-session-1 cutting the vegetables during the in home kitchen session in-home-kitchen-engagement-session-3 in-home-kitchen-engagement-session-4 pouring winde during the in home kitchen session in-home-kitchen-engagement-session-6 in-home-kitchen-engagement-session-7 drinking wine and holding close during the in home kitchen session in-home-kitchen-engagement-session-9 in-home-kitchen-engagement-session-10 in-home-kitchen-engagement-session-11 holding him tight during the in home kitchen session in-home-kitchen-engagement-session-13 bringing him close as he cooks during the in home kitchen session in-home-kitchen-engagement-session-15 in-home-kitchen-engagement-session-16 in-home-kitchen-engagement-session-17 in-home-kitchen-engagement-session-18 sitting on the floor holding each other during the in home kitchen sessionsitting next to each other during the in home kitchen engagement session bringing her face in from above during teh in home kitchen engagement session laying on the floor smiling during the in home kitchen engagement session holding hands while laying on the floor during the in home kitchen engagement session on the stairs from above during the in home kitchen session in-home-kitchen-engagement-session-21 getting close during teh v getting close in the doorway during the in home kitchen sessionhugging against the wall during the kitchen engagement session in-home-kitchen-engagement-session-24 in-home-kitchen-engagement-session-25 in-home-kitchen-engagement-session-26 hanging out at the botanical gardens in greensboro in-home-kitchen-engagement-session-28 in-home-kitchen-engagement-session-29 in-home-kitchen-engagement-session-30 in-home-kitchen-engagement-session-31 in-home-kitchen-engagement-session-32 in-home-kitchen-engagement-session-33 in-home-kitchen-engagement-session-34

Check out their slideshow here!


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