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Day In The Life

We love families! We are strong proponents of awesome families that love each other and love spending time together. So our favorite, and ONLY way we do family sessions is what we call “Day in The Life” Sessions! These are the only types we do because frankly, we aren’t the best at posing families in a generic way and we LOVE moments. These sessions allow for THE BEST pictures of your family and the moments you will look back on years down the road and be glad we captured. These are the real, raw,┬ápersonalities and emotions of your family dynamic that you can’t try to make up or fake at a park. This is our heart beat behind a lot of the photography we do and the way we love to see things! We will travel anywhere in the world to do these so don’t worry, if you want us to do yours, just ask!

We spend 6 hours with this family and every single minute was amazing! We went from Greer, Sc then took a helicopter to the mountains and then of course, Chick-Fil-A! We did some exploring and baking and it was amazing! Enjoy the Slideshow!


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