Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens Wedding | Charlotte Wedding Photograph

Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens Wedding | Charlotte NC | Leslie + Charles


We can not express enough how happy and thankful we are to have been able to be a part of Leslie & Charles Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens Wedding! It was an absolute joy for us to be a part of and to celebrate with amazing people!

The Couple

Leslie & Charles are two people that we instantly connected with as soon as we met at our studio! They came over and we enjoyed some wine together and chatted about their amazing wedding day. We talked about her teaching, how they met in high school art class, I mean who doesn’t fall in love with their easel neighbor! Most of their relationship has been long-distance as he finished up his 3rd degree at Yale and she is the best teacher in the school! When they came back into town we headed over to McDowell Nature Preserve near his house for their engagement session. They worked it! Then after we stopped over at Mac’s Speed Shop, we had never had it and it was AMAZING!

The Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens Wedding Ceremony

they ended up getting ready at their own houses which was really cool! It was great for them to be able to hang out with their family and friends and for us to document their day in a place so special to them. After we headed over to Daniel Stowe when they had the most beautiful first look in preparations to walk down the aisle. Now, we fell in love with their family! They both have the nicest, most generous and caring family we have ever been around and you instantly see where they get it from! From the beginning of the ceremony to the end we laughed, we cried and we grinned from ear to ear for them! It was absolutely beautiful!

The Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens Wedding Reception

This wedding was absolutely beautiful! They pulled all of the stops and Marsha from The Event host made the place look amazing! They danced the night away with friends and family and the band was amazing! They ended with the most beautiful sparkler exit and hugs and kisses from family!

The Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens Wedding Vendors

Marsha from The Event Host made everything run smoothly with her team. She designed a beautiful space that wowed everyone! Wow Factor Cakes always stuns with their beautiful cakes that taste absolutely amazing! Best Impressions catering is one of our favorites and never disappoint. The Sweet Water Junction Band brought the house down and made it fun! Carolyn Shepard Design brought the beautiful florals to go along g with Party Reflections decor! Beauty Asylum, like always, worked their magic to beautify Leslie! And we at Anchor & Veil Photography provided the images, so enjoy!


Sparkler Exit at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-2 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-3 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-4 groom through the glasses at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-6 groom getting ready at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-8 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-9 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-10 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-11 brother helping groom get ready at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-13 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-14 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-15 Groom with the books while getting ready daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-17 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-18 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-19 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-20 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-21 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-22 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-23 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-24 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-25 hairspray shot atDaniel Stowe Botanical Garden daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-27 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-28 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-29 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-30 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-31 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-32 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-33 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-34 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-35 first look at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-37 bridal party under the lattice at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-39 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-40 moments before the ceremony getting ready at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden the veil at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-43 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-44 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-45 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-46 bride walking down the aisle at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-48 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-49 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-50 first kiss during the ceremony at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-52 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-53 kiss at the end of the aisle at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-55 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-56 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-57 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-58 entrance into the orchid green house at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-60 under the orchid arches at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-62 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-63 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-64 in the wee houses at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-66 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-67 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-68 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-69 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-70 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-71 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-72 inside the orchid house at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-74 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-75 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-76 walking through the bushes at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-78 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-79 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-80 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-81 First dance at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-83 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-84 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-85 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-86 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-87 reception dancing at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-89 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-90 daniel-stowe-botanical-gardens-wedding-91


And here is an awesome slideshow we showed at the reception!



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