We love families! We are strong proponents of awesome families that love each other and love spending time together. So our favorite, and ONLY way we do family sessions is what we call “Day in The Life” Sessions! These are the only types we do because frankly, we aren’t the best at posing families in […]

Day In The Life Session | Greer Sc | Patton Family

Day In The Life

I think there is always something extremely special about being a photographer. We really do have a unique privilege of being able to not only experience but to capture, and save a moment that is gone forever from a special season in someone’s life. That specific reason is why we have a very unique approach […]

Herring Family | Charleston South Carolina


When you are around a family such as the Jennings, it’s hard to not be filled with joy! This family is so full of love, happiness, and joy that it’s contagious! This session was full of smiles and laughter, as the bonds of a family so deeply rooted in God’s love shone through their faces! […]

Family Portrait Session | Charlotte NC | The Jennings Family

The Jennings family walking down the road together during the Charlotte north carolina fall family photography session

Oh the Rose Family! What an incredible privilege it was to capture such joy and love! This family have been long time friends to Kathryn and me and have been BEYOND supportive of our business. Let me take you back a little bit… Before we had our own cameras and were taking serious the idea […]

Charlotte NC Family Portrait Session – The Rose Family

Sitting on a swing during the Fall family portrait session in Charlotte nc

We had our hickory Grove Baptist Church Fall Festival and it was awesome! There were a lot of people there and it was a lot of fun! We got some great family & children portraits! Take a look and tell me what you think!  

Family & Children Portraits from the Fall Festival



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