The Top 15 Best Wedding Venues in Charlotte NC for your wedding!

Our Top 15 Favorite Wedding Venues In Charlotte NC

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Welcome to our list of the top 15 best Wedding Venues in Charlotte NC. Before we get started, there are a couple of things that I HIGHLY suggest you consider when looking for a venue. The #1 thing I would always consider is how easy it is to do everything all in one place. From getting ready to the ceremony, reception, and the exit, if you can do everything in one place, you make it A LOT easier for you, your guest, and your sanity. When people get ready 30 minutes apart, then your ceremony and reception are in different locations, it can become a little bit of a logistical nightmare. Save yourself some time and have it all in one place.

We have photographed over 100 weddings in Charlotte NC, and here are some of our favorite places we have photographed in no specific order!

1. Duke Mansion

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The Duke Mansion is one of our favorite wedding venues in Charlotte, NC. It is the perfect mix of elegance and grace with a gorgeous garden. This is one of the best venues for being able to have everything in one place. The bride and groom have their own rooms with balconies and gorgeous light, and this is one of the best locations to have your ceremony and reception all in one place! If you contact her, make sure you tell Laura we sent you, she is seriously THE BEST!

2. Mint Museum Uptown

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The Mint Museum is the PERFECT venue if you are looking for an uptown Charlotte wedding with parking close by, views a gorgeous balcony space, and proximity to great photos nearby. The other thing I LOVEE about this venue is the ability to have the ceremony in the downstairs area and the reception at the top!

3. Foundations for the Carolinas

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Foundations for the Carolinas is a cool and gorgeous venue with a bunch of opportunities for customization. Its patio is perfect for photos and cocktail hour while the indoor space is gorgeous for a ceremony and reception! 

4. Founders Hall

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Founders Hall is a GORGEOUS Venue tucked in the middle of uptown charlotte with a massive glass ceiling and an awesome space. Perfect for having your ceremony and reception in this area!

5. Ritz Carlton Uptown Urban Garden

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The Ritz Carlton Urban Garden is the epitome of elegance and timelessness. You can really make it your own, and it has a really cool and open feel to it. I LOVE this venue, and one of my favorite things about it is the access you get to the Punch Room, which is a REALLY cool room that is perfect for portraits!

6. Loray Mill

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Right outside of charlotte is Loray Mill. A huge industrial building converted into condos with a really awesome space for a wedding ceremony and a brick space for receptions. One of the huge perks of this location is having the ability to get ready in their condo rooms that are FULLLL of light!

7. Providence Cotton Mill

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Providence Cotton Mill is the one venue that I have not photographed a wedding at yet, but REALLY want to. This venue is SUPER cool and really allows you to customize it however you want. It’s a wide-open space with A TON of light in a gutted Cotton Mill. It is super cool and has so much potential if you want to let your imagination go!

8. Separk Mansion

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Separk Mansion is a really cute venue in Gastonia, right outside of Charlotte. Its lawn is perfect for ceremonies and summer receptions, or you can have the reception inside!

9. Laboratory Mill

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Laboratory Mill is an industrial venue outside of Lincolnton is a really cool venue if you are looking for a place with a TON of room and the ability to house a lot of people.

10. Ritchie Hill

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Ritchie Hill is a cute home venue nestled in a neighborhood in Concord, this venue is a charming and quaint venue for amazing intimate weddings. It has that perfect “Father of the Bride” feel with an intimate porch set-up reception. It’s amazing!

11. McGill Rose Garden

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McGill Rose Garden is the coolest little venue right off of a side street. This rose garden provides an amazing, secluded, and intimate ceremony location with a fun and large garden party reception. The only downside is the getting ready locations/the spots they hide you away in aren’t the best for photos haha!

12. Terrace at Cedar Hill

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Terrace at Cedar Hill is a really cool venue right next to the Panthers stadium with an amazing staff and a really cool feel to it. The reception spot is like no other with the perfect view of panthers stadium right above your first dance!

13. Morning Glory Farm

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Morning Glory Farm is one of the most picturesque venues that is perfect for that intimate feeling providing a gorgeous getting space for the brides, but not so much for the grooms, haha. It is still a really gorgeous venue that we love! 

14. Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens

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Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens is amazing. We absolutely LOVEEEE this venue with its amazing garden locations, the gorgeous greenhouse, and multiple options for ceremony and reception spots. We highly recommend it and love it!


15. Whitehead Manor

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Last but certainly not least on our list of the best wedding venues in Charlotte, NC is Whitehead Manor. This venue is where dreams become a reality! The BEAUTIFULLY restored Victorian manor home has nothing short of authentic southern charm and a luxurious aesthetics to ensure all of your guests feel right at home!

I hope you enjoyed this article and that it was helpful. All of the images were done by our studio here at Anchor & Veil Photography! 

If you are still looking for a photographer, we would love to chat!


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