79. Scott Wyden Kivowitz – Using Lead Generation Successfully

Anchored Podcast

I learned so much from talking with Scott in this episode! He has so many great lead ideas for all different types of photographers. I like how he said that you want to make it attract and attractive. I’m excited to use some of his tips myself to generate more leads.

Scott also talks about how he only does photography part time. This is so refreshing! That you can still be involved in something that you love, but it doesn’t have to be your sole source of income and your only job. Scott is super practical, he doesn’t like events, so why would he have a full time job where he has to always attend events? I think it is so important to know yourself and find ways to do the things that you love in a way that doesn’t burn you out or force you into situations that you wouldn’t typically enjoy anyways. Scott is able to be selective about the clients that he accepts. He also networks with other photographers to refer clients to, therefore building good relationships with both other photographers and clients.

There are so many other great things to say, but you should definitely just hear it from Scott himself and check out this episode!

Scott has generously offered 25% off of his ebooks, presets, courses and membership using the code anchored.

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