78. The Brothers Martens - Innovators in The Industry -

78. The Brothers Martens – Innovators in The Industry

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I had such a great time talking with Bradford and Henry (Hank) Martens! Bradford is the photo side and Henry is the cinematography side of The Brothers Martens, and they are both crazy talented! They are super innovative and are changing their industries in amazing ways. They have great advice, so you’re not going to want to miss this episode.

They are also just really fun guys… the What The Gram segment of this podcast was so entertaining! Make sure you check out the pictures below.

You can find The Brothers Martens at brothersmartens.com,  on Facebook at The Brothers Martens, and on Instagram @TheBrothersMartens. They also speak at various conferences. Make sure to go check them out!

What The Gram:











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