John Bunn and Nick Miller – Understanding the Value of Videography

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Wow, I have so much respect for our two guests today, John Bunn (who runs and Nick Miller (who runs

They are such great examples of what it looks like to do things with excellence and to genuinely care about client experience! They also do an amazing job of helping other photographers and videographers hone their skills and continue to develop and improve. John and Nick chose to collaborate and learn from each other, as opposed to charging for mentorship. Mentorship isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but in this instance, they realized that they could learn more from a long term partnership of learning and collaborating than just a one day monetary mentorship transaction. They understand the value that other people can give you, and encourage people to humbly ask for help in areas where other people excel. Feedback is what can help you grow! We cover so much in this episode. They share about the importance of doing things well and doing them consistently. They encourage you to be confident in your abilities and therefore your pricing, you are worth it! We talk about how our culture is becoming more and more video-centric, and how using videos (or even picture slideshows) can greatly extend your reach and influence on social media. John and Nick talk about how Videography is such a special way to capture a wedding day because it not only captures that one moment, but includes the sounds and emotions of it. You don’t want to miss this episode, it is jam packed with great stuff!

John and Nick also have a podcast, “How To Film Weddings”, you should check it out! They also have a free workshop coming up on January 7th that you should definitely take advantage of at You should also check out their facebook group, 

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What The Gram Images:

John’s Birthday Party – he is a big fan of The Office and Taylor Swift

Nick, who was interviewed by the news for the Kansas City Royals playoff games twice (both of which they lost)

(also, Nick is not actually in this photo)




Nick, who was interviewed on a Comic Podcast

John and his family at Disneyland














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