Practical Insights from the Founder of Sprout Studio, Bryan Caporicci |

Practical Insights from the Founder of Sprout Studio, Bryan Caporicci

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In this episode I talk with Bryan Caporicci. I am so thankful for Bryan! His podcast helped me so much when I was first starting out, and he has so much amazing knowledge to share. I could have talked with him for hours! Bryan’s background is computer science, and he used that degree to start a business that created digital photography products around the time when photography was moving from film to digital. He then went on to become a photographer himself, and more recently got into film photography. Bryan has since been very involved in the photography industry. He has his own photography company, and has platforms to teach other photographers. This includes an awesome podcast, and a program he developed called Sprout Studio, that integrates all of the systems a photographer could need. It is such an awesome company because Bryan has the unique perspective of being a photographer as well as having the computer science background to understand the coding side of making the program.

Bryan also explains why he chose not to scale his wedding photography business when he started Sprout Studio. It was very important for him to have time to spend with his family and live the life he wanted, without the responsibility of managing other people. I love how he says “We should be building a business that serves our life, and not a life that serves our business.” People need to take the time to actually decide what they want out of life so that they can make decisions now to achieve that.

Bryan and I talk about the dangers of comparison, and how so often people neglect to think about the circumstances that may not be seen that got photographers or business owners to the place they are at.

After listening to this podcast, Bryan encourages you to take some time to decide how you want to apply what you’ve heard to your life. What will you take away, and what will you do with it? This is great advice not only for this podcast, but for any information that you take in.

You can find him on Instagram @BCapPhoto

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