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Wow… This episode is GOLD! Phil Porto runs The Portos, a wedding photography company spanning 3 states -Florida, New York, and now North Carolina. Phil talks about what it takes to have a team of associates who represent what your company and brand stand for. No one is going to do it exactly the way you do, but you should have some non-negotiables as a brand that your team members all operate by. An example for The Portos is capturing real moments. Phil really takes the time to mentor and grow his team and give them opportunities. He has built a culture of support and trust and genuinely wants to see everyone on his team succeed. We also talk about the pros and cons of having associates that are salaried verses contracted.

Phil is such an awesome, down-to-earth guy, and while his business is booming and he has won awards, he still realizes what is the most important in life, and prioritizes time with family and friends.  He is such an inspiration!

Phil will be at the Kreativ Summit in Orlando January 27-29.

You can find The Portos on instagram  @ThePortos

Check out his awesome instagram @DisneyDadSwag and personal photography account @_phillipjohn_

He also gave a shout-out one of his associates, John Branch, who is in Raleigh NC.

What The Gram was SO much fun with Phil! He is so talented in so many different areas. Check out these photos:

  1. Shooting a Music Video










2. Phil was an Emcee and went by “Wonder”. This is a cartoon his friend Dan made from lyrics from one of his albums









3. Phil performing at Catalyst Hip Hop in Miami




















4. @DisneyDadSwag – a logo created by one of Phil’s groomsman



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