Starting a Business as a Creative with Matt Barnett, Founder of Bonjoro

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In this episode, I interview Matt Barnett, founder and CEO of Bonjoro. Matt started out as a photographer and considers himself a creative at heart. When he moved to Australia he decided to get his MBA. His first business was a tech business that didn’t work out. Two additional companies, including Bonjoro, came out of that. Through the experience of starting Bonjoro, Matt learned:

  • Starting a business is not an overnight success.
  • Running a business is creative. Creatives are great at solving problems, which is what running a business is mostly about. Creativity manifests it in many different ways
  • Having a team around you is SO important when starting a company
  • It should be fun. Find people to hire who enjoy what they do
  • You have to put the hours in, and keep bouncing back when you have hard times. If you keep going, you can’t help but succeed
  • You have to be proactive about creating culture in your business
  • Before scaling, make sure your product works very well
  • Look worldwide when hiring to find people who are the best and can fit the roles you’re looking for
  • Talk to people who have been successful and people who are  in different industries
  • Ask for help and advice from people who have started successful companies. You’ll be amazed at who will say yes to coffee and a chat
  • Take out time for personal creativity


I personally use Bonjoro and would highly recommend it! It’s a great way to stay connected to your clients. Go to to sign up. Hop on their Live Chat and mention Anchor & Veil to get your exclusive 30 minute video funnel strategy session with one of the founders, using this link:

Don’t forget that the Kreativ Conference is coming up soon! We have some incredible speakers who have so much incredible insight to offer. And check out the Anchored Facebook group to get connected to an amazing community of other photographers.

Matt also talked about his photography and how he really enjoyed taking normal, everyday people out into nature. He is really incredible, and sent us two of his photographs!

This one is “The Instance of Awareness of Self Accountability”





























This one is “Freedom”



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