60. Joseph West - Keeping the Creative Excitement Alive in Your Business |

60. Joseph West – Keeping the Creative Excitement Alive in Your Business

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Joseph West is an award winning Wedding Photographer, and one of my personal inspirations! In this episode, Joseph talks about strategizing to accomplish your goals. Joseph has personal projects that he will take to his weddings just to keep things creatively interesting and exciting for him, and it also helping set himself apart and showcase what he is able to do and what he wants to shoot. It is important to incorporate what you enjoy doing into your work! Joseph also talks about winning awards, how that can be validating, but also the importance of leveraging those awards in your business. Joseph opened a studio and discusses it’s success and how it is also a way to market yourself. He is a supporter of using facebook ads to generate business and talks about how he has seen the benefits of using those. This is an episode you don’t want to miss!

You can also catch Joseph at the Kreativ Summit in January 2020 in Orlando!

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Astros Playoff Game







The West Studio







Wing Walking






Hope For Harvey


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