6 Tips on Photographing a Bride’s Details

For Photographers

Hi friends! Do you ever struggle with getting the perfect details shot on a wedding today? Do you feel rushed, not knowing where to put the details, how to arrange them, or what lens to use? Then today’s blog post is for you! Today we are sharing 6 Tips on photographing a bride’s details! If you want to learn the tips more in depth, check out the video below!

Use Side Light

One of the most important things in any photograph is the lighting! Detail shots are no different! Our favorite way to light details is to use side lighting from a natural light source! Almost every venue will have a window or even a door you can prop open to get some beautiful light!

Don’t Cast Shadows

When styling details, be mindful of casting shadows! This can happen either by your body (being in the path of the light), or by placing taller items on the side closest to the light. These will cause shadows to be cast over the other details and you don’t want that if you want a clean crisp photo.

Balance the Composition

When styling the details, you want to be sure the photo will be weighted evenly. Think about putting a line down the middle of the picture – your eye shouldn’t be drawn to one side more than the other.

What Lens To Use

We suggest using the 50mm or 35mm lens for detail shots!

Do Multiple Variations

When styling the photo, do a few variations! We always try and do one photo with all the details (including stationery) and then we do some different varietions (shoes + jewelry, shoes alone, jewelry alone, etc!)

Use Live View

If you have a camera with a flip out screen, use the live view so that you can see it easily at different angles!


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