58. YOU are What Makes Your Business Unique With Justin and Ashley Demutiis

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Justin and Ashley Demutiis are the real deal! In this episode, they talk about what makes their business unique, and it’s not only because they shoot in film! Among other things, it is because they are a husband and wife team, they are all about personalizing the entire experience from being booked to the wedding day, and they make sure that they run their business the way they want to… Not based on what is trendy, but on what will last and what represents themselves as people. By putting out there things that make you YOU, you attract like minded couples and give potential clients things that they can resonate with them. They also talk about evaluating your business and when to rebrand, as well as how important it is to set goals. This podcast is full of practical ideas that can help grow your business! If you want to catch them in person, they will be speaking at the Kreativ Summit, January 27-29, 2020 in Orlando Florida. Check out their website here



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