43. Instagram is the New Drug of Choice |

43. Instagram is the New Drug of Choice


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Today I want to talk to you guys about something interesting, yet extremely powerful in the world of Instagram and it’s nothing new, but it’s something that I think has been huge for our business and the reason why so far. It’s been

March the end of March now, and we’ve already made $50,000 and gotten 56 leads from Instagram alone. And that’s a third of our leads this year. So that’s a huge segment of our leads strictly from Instagram. And just to give you a little bit of background, I recently got my brain map and it was awesome. They literally like strap this blue thing to my head, put some gels in there was so crazy. And then they ran some tests, just to gauge my brain activity. A lot of the tests were just me sitting still, and not really doing anything but it was scanning my brain, different scenarios. She’s asking me to think about things close my eyes, all this stuff. And then after I had to answer some questions about what I thought about myself, I’d like do I get stressed or do I have tendencies towards anger? Or am I socially inappropriate, which I said no, but clearly my brain have said otherwise and said that I am socially inappropriate, but I learned a ton about myself. Well, in 2016, the Association of psychological science did a brain mapping study of 32 teenagers from ages 13 to 18.

They had 12 minutes they showed them 148 photographs, whereas 40 of those photographs were there’s, what ended up happening was when they saw their own photograph with a lot of affirmation, or like, what happened in this nucleus accumbens, this part of the brain, something fired off. And it had this sense of that wasn’t just excitement. But what happened was, every time they saw a light on their photo, a shot of dopamine was flying through their brain. Right dopa mean, so their brains are automatically associating something like affirmation automatically associating the likes that they get and shooting like in this reward circuitry part of their brain, dopamine, same thing that people become really addicted to that’s in cocaine, that’s insects. That’s it. All of these things are flying through their brain as they get this kind of affirmation on their social media likes, and so that’s why I asked the question is Instagram the new drug

choice? And I think it is and I think there’s a strong argument towards it. So now the question asked, like, that begs the question. So then how do we use that for our business? Right? I don’t want to be like, ooh, real manipulative, like, how do we make them addicts, like the people are already added, because this is how our culture is we’re not changing something, we’re not making something different. This is already how the culture is and operates. And what we’re doing is we’re capitalizing on the trend of the culture, right? Where culture hacking, we are assimilating it to what the culture is doing and leveraging that for our business. So how do we do that?

Right? How do we leverage that for our business, and I’ve talked about it before, but they say that it takes seven times seeing your business before somebody recognize your brand. But what if every time somebody saw your brand, it wasn’t just a billboard or something like that, but it was automatically associated with a positive experience and firing off dopa mean into their brain. So your brand is automatically associated with the reward circuitry of their

So the question is Will Devin, how do I do this? And so I say there’s three different ways that I think you should do this one, I think you need to streamline authentic engagement in the comments. And so this and go by making shortcuts. And so if you are an iPhone users, so sorry, if you’re not an iPhone user, I don’t know how to do this on an Android or anything like that. But if you’re an iPhone user, you can 100% do this in your phone by going to the settings, go to general go to keyboard, and then go to text replacement, and then create keyboard shortcuts with as you type in a small phrase, and it comes out in an authentic looking paragraph in their feed. And so now you are associating some kind of positive affirmation to whatever they’re saying, like, here’s the thing, guys, I read a study and it said that when it comes to taking selfies, that 48% so a high number 48% of men and women, when they take their selfies, they take two to five selfies and they’ll say okay, I’m pleased with that. I’m going to go ahead and post them, but 28% of people right 28% of women, females

will take six to 10 selfies before they finally post that one selfie, right so that number spiked up so a quarter of women in the industry will take six to 10 selfies before they finally are like that’s the one I want to post. Now, to take that a level higher 7.6% of women will take a total of 11 to 15 selfies before they finally post that. And so I know my target audience and my target audience is in that 11 to 15 selfies range. And if I know that, then my job is to affirm their decision on that selfie right? They chose that one out of 15. And they chose it because one they think they look the best in that and they think that that’s the one that’s going to get them the most likes or the most affirmation so you better believe I am using keyboard shortcuts to make sure that I engage with and positively affirm her decision to choose that photo. And so guys, this is across the board. I’m a wedding photographer, but it doesn’t matter what your brand is what you do once you find your target audience

Then you can, you’ll know what kind of person they are, what they want affirmation on where they shop, all of those things, and you can begin to engage on that thing. So first thing is is engaging with them and engaging and streamlining it with keyboard shortcuts second, like their photos, like what I’ve actually done is turned on post notifications for the people that I specifically want to make sure that I engage with. And this is huge for me. So either they’re engaged, or they’re my target audience, I want to make sure that I turn on post notifications, and don’t miss the post of theirs, so that I’m always engaging with them. And the third thing you can do is make sure you slide into those deals with a ton of ton of value and positive interactions. So we think it’s taboo to slide into DMS, but if people nowadays they’re posting for that affirmation on to what they whatever they’ve posted, and so I’ve created keyboard shortcuts that have led to like incredible interactions for that dead lead to inquiries and booking so keyboard shortcuts that are just like hey, I hope you have a great day or Hey, whatever

But I’ve made sure that I even slide into the DMZ and created that affirmation and that positive representation of my brand. And what also makes this really important is we have direct access to the most important thing to them. Like when they get a buzz on their phone, generally people have notifications on for DMS. And so they’ll get that buzz and they’ll see anchor and veil right there, dm them with some hard eyes or something like that. And I am leveraging the fact that they get that notification. It’s right there in their pocket, I have access to the thing that they are attached to the most. And remember guys, I can be extremely picky with who I’m following like I can follow my exact bride or my exact potential client. And what I’ll do is I’ll make sure I unfollow whenever that person doesn’t book me because my real estate and my following list is important to me. I have 7500 people that I am allowed to follow and I will hit that mark. And so I want to make sure that the people that are filling my feed or the people that are

Want to engage with because at the end of the day, the Instagram algorithm can try to control who shows up in my feed, but they can’t control who I engage with. And so that’s super important when trying to beat that pesky our algorithm when trying to grow your business and your brand. You want to make sure you engage, you want to make sure that you are being top of mind. And you also want to leverage the fact that you can be that positive affirmation and that shot of dopamine that flies through their brain. So I hope that was valuable for you guys and the podcast. Thank you guys so much for listening for tuning in. I know this is a shorter episode, but I just want to give you guys some content, want to make sure you guys are hearing that because it always needs to be repaired, iterated, it’s always something that we need to remind ourselves. And it’s more practical ways to think about how we can leverage the culture and whatever’s going on in the culture to grow our businesses. And so guys, it is helpful for you. I would love any kind of review on whatever podcasting platform for you to like and share it. You can’t really like it, but share it it would mean the app



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