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The Best 4 tips for Wedding Dress Shopping!

Hey y’all, Rachel here! I got married almost two years ago, so I know how much you have to think about while planning your wedding. But let’s be honest, wedding dress shopping is the FUNNEST part of the whole thing!

I speak from my own personal experience, but also from my experience of working in a bridal boutique for nearly 5 years. I’ve learned a thing or two along the way, and I’m here to share those little insights with you!

Bride completing her look with her shoes, earrings, and wedding dress.

Tip #1: Only bring your CLOSEST friends/family with you to your appointments.

Ideally, keep it to 4 people maximum. I’ve learned over the years that once there are too many personalities and opinions in the room, the bride’s spotlight and opinion start to fade into the background. And that’s not okay! I once had a bride bring THIRTEEN people with her, and by the end of the appointment she was exhausted and defeated by trying to make sure everyone else had a fun a time. Bring your closest crew that will make sure the spotlight stays on you, and that you get whichever dress makes YOU happy!

Black and white photography of a bride finished getting her dress on with bridesmaids and mother next to a window at The Whitehead Manor

Tip #2: Bring inspiration, but be open-minded!

This one is mainly for brides on their first appointment. Some Pinterest or Instagram pictures are SUPER helpful for your stylist and will help her get an idea of your vibe. However, keep an open mind and try on anything that catches your eye! More often than not, my brides would end up with something totally different than what they came in wanting.

Bride twirling in her wedding dress.

Tip #3: Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

I can’t stress this one enough! This day is all about YOU! Just relax, be honest with yourself, and don’t feel like you need to say “YES.” Not every bride finds their perfect dress in their first, second, or sometimes even third appointment! And NOT every bride has a super emotional crying moment when they find the dress (thanks, Say Yes to the Dress)!

The bridge portrait at the Lowndes Grove Plantation Wedding

Tip #4: Eat

This one sounds silly but honestly y’all, it’s TRUE! Don’t skip breakfast to try to keep that morning skinny all day. Trying on dresses is more work than you think, and being hangry ain’t fun for anyone. If you’re doing multiple appointments in one day, make a lunch reservation in-between to give yourself a break! This is also a great time to look back at pictures of dresses you liked, and narrow down your favorites. Grab a mimosa while you’re at it!

Hopefully these tips will come in handy for you as you go through your dress appointments.

I hope you soak up every wonderful second of being engaged, and I wish you all the happiness in your MARRIAGE! 🙂 Cheers!

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