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We talk about building brand evangelist for your business

Ok, first of all, Iknow you want to see all of the discount codes:

Now, let’s talk about the talk!

We recently spoke at the Showit United conference which is absolutely amazing. We LOVE Showit as a platform, and the conference they put on is top notch and worth every penny.

You can break it down into 3 sections


Army of Brides

One of the main reasons we want to invest in our brides is because when you can create brand evangelists, they do all of the work for you! It’s impossible to grow your business on your own back; you NEED people!

Here are the stats you heard us reference at the beginning of the talk!

One of the main reason this is all possible is because of the exponential growth of investing into two people who will then go out and tell 2-3 people who will then go out and tell 2-3 people each. The tree branches out and reaches way more than we could ever reach on our own!

One of our favorite apps that we LOVe to use is Bonjoro! This app allows us to immediately email our inquiries a very personalized video that is much different than what anyone else is doing. This allows you to add a touch that sets you apart but makes your clients feel valued.

We then follow up with an email from our email template pack that has detailed information on our pricing and options for photographers. We are huge fans of not going back and forth with the pricing because it just drags things on and creates barriers to bookings. The quicker your clients can get to booking, the better!

We then use calendly to allow them to set a meeting time that coordinates with the schedule we have as well as theirs!

One of the best ways to ensure your pricing pages are seen correctly and look beautiful, make sure you send them PDF’s that are either embedded onto your site or check our Showit plus site template from the shop! If you don’t have showit, you can check out our gorgeous PDFs as well! 

One of the most important things to remember is the follow-up! I can’t tell you how many people book us because we follow-up with them. We followed up with text messaging and found out the bride had her email address hacked!

The meeting is so important for building rapport! One of the main things to think about is bringing them value and connection in the meeting. If you can help them to connect, then you immediately set yourselves apart from the rest!

If you REALLY want to learn more about this, learn from Steve Saporito, that man can teach it, and he knows his stuff, and he’s the guy we learned the most from.

Some of my favorite people to learn in-person sales from as well are Phillip and Eileen! 

As you meet with them, some key things we talked about is remembering these things as you meet with them! You don’t want to just talk about pricing; you want to create a transformation.

  • Bring them value and connection in the meeting
    • Use their name frequently
    • Our greatest desire is to be valued and known so if you can do that for your clients; you are GOLDEN!
  • Match & Mirror
  • Find areas of Commonality
  • Ask them something meaningful
    • Build awareness in what people see.
    • Creating transformation

We also talked about gifting our clients. We currently use Katelyn James’ Wedding Guide as well as Amy & Jordan’s engagement session guide. For pre-wedding we use ShopBox Fox. We used to use Melissa Jill’s gifting ideas; she is a genius!

Another way we BLOW our clients away and have them singing our praise is by doing a Same day Reception Slideshow, that’s a big deal, but if you want to take it to the next level, create an album at the reception! We show you exactly how to do that in our shop, but you can see the slideshow on youtube.

Now, the best way we have found to get reviews is Photographer’s grade! This allows you to streamline your reviews and filter the ones that aren’t 5-stars. This is AMAZING to be able to do, so we HIGHLY suggest it! Make sure you use the code ANCHOR!

Army of Vendors

The biggest things to remember here is GIVE them the photos, no watermarks, just ask them to post and tag! Also, invest some sweat equity into your business and do the work, it will pay off in the long run!

Army of the Unknown

This is HUGE! This is the people you don’t know about but sing your praise. We see this often in social media because of the authentic engagement we create. We have spoken about this A LOT but make sure you check out our Instagram course to start implementing it; this course has made people thousands!

We love to get emotional with our clients to set us apart. If you can create an emotional connection with your work, you have won the battle, see how we did it in our portfolio video! The song is by our super talented friend Citizen Shade.


Now, to finish it off, it’s SOOOOO important that you create keyboard shortcuts to authentically engage but streamline it and make it efficient. If you really want to dive into that, I suggest you check out our Instagram course; it has a lot more information in there.

We live in a culture that invites engagement, so make sure you take advantage of it, it isn’t as awkward or sketchy as you think!


I hope this is helpful, we absolutely LOVE the United conference, and we always suggest it if you are looking to find an amazing photography community and grow your business!


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