Redesigning Gift Giving and Customer Experience with Chelsea Moore

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This week on the Anchored Podcast we bring you a conversation with Chelsea Moore of Shop Box Fox! This episode focuses on gifting things to your clients. We actually use Chelsea’s company for our business, so we can attest to how awesome of an idea and company it is! During our conversation, Chelsea talks how her company has reengineered gift giving and how everything is based around the simple user experience. She tells us about the company’s origin and how she and her business partners got it to where it is today.

During the conversation we got on the topic of hiring and while some people live by the rule “hire fast, fire faster”, Chelsea explained her hiring philosophy, which is slower and more focused on finding the right person for the job and their company. This was another great episode of the podcast and we hope you enjoy it!

Here are the show notes from her episode:

Her Instagram:

Shop Box Fox Website:

Shop Box Fox Instagram:

Podcasts She Listens To:

  • How I Built This Podcast
  • MyDomaine’s Second Life Podcast
  • Mark Marron : WTF Podcast


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