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This week on the Anchored Podcast we have the honor of talking to Fer Juaristi! He is a wedding photographer based in Mexico and a very huge inspiration to me (Devin), as you’ll hear about in the episode. One thing Fer mentioned was that he likes to go deeper in conversations as opposed to discussing surface level topics, and I think we certainly dived deep into a variety of subjects. We talked about how he seeks to connect with his clients and how it differs from other photographers. He shared how he ensures that he stays original from other photographers and how his creative process works. He also hardly ever uses a second shooter at weddings and he explains both why and how he explains it to his clients.

Fer has an original and unique way of doing things, so it was amazing to view things from his perspective as he explains how you can be just as unique too. One of the most important parts is respecting how you see things and using that to find your own original style. Fer said “Being creative is about creating something that resonates with others” and in this episode, he certainly tells you how to do it. Here’s another great episode that we hope you enjoy!



Here’s the show notes from the episode!

Fer’s Instagram: @ferjuaristi

Photographers He Looks Up To: Rodney Smith, Emmanuel Lubezki

His Patreon Education Page


Also, here are the photos from his “What the gram” segment!


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