The Value of In Person Sales with Makayla Jade

Anchored Podcast


In this week’s episode of the Anchored Podcast we get to talk to Makayla Jade! One of Makayla’s favorite topics to discuss is print photography, and so we are glad to have a whole conversation with her about it! Some of the biggest things we discussed were how to make your clients value prints, and how the first step is finding value in them yourself. She talks about how she has based her business around print’s value and how in doing so she has overcome the hurtle of having to convince clients of it. She explains how she reminds people of the value throughout the entire process and simultaneously creates people that are ready to invest.

One of the most touching moments of this episode is when she tells the story of how prints played a large role in the last days of her grandfathers life. This story was a true testament to how tangible art has the power to bring back memories and emotion like few other things can.  It’s personal stories like this that help explain the passion she has for prints and it’s so great that we got the opportunity to capture some of that passion! Here’s another great episode that we hope you enjoy!


Here’s the show notes from the episode!

The Harris Company Instagram: @hcophotocinema

Her Personal Instagram: @mklajade 

A Podcast She Listens To: Clients on Demand Podcast


Also, here are the photos from her “What the gram” segment!


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