Staying Original and The Art of Balancing Life with Will Purgason


In this episode of the podcast we talk to Will Purgason of the band Citizen Shade! We unpacked so much in this conversation that it was hard to give this one a title! We talked about how his motivations and mindset about his music have changed over the years and how it has impacted his sound. He shares the answers to questions he often gets such as “Why haven’t you been on The Voice” or “What’s the meaning behind your band’s name”. We discuss how isolation and comparison are the two things that kill art and how he remains original despite these things. Will also shares the recovery and therapy that he feels art can bring as well as the personal connection an artist should have to their music.

I’ve known Will since college, so it was great to pick the brain of someone I’ve personally seen make a real impact in the music industry. His band Citizen Shade has gained over 11 million views on Youtube from original music, covers and collaborations with other artists. I found it interested that even though he is in music, there were still a lot of correlation between the music industry and entrepreneurs in general, so this episode is for anyone! This is another great episode that I hope you enjoy!


Here’s the show notes from the episode!

Citizen Shade Youtube Channel:
Citizen Shade on Spotify:

Song Will made for us:

7 Years Music Video:
Candyman Music Video:

New Light | John Mayer (Music Video):

Google Pixel 2 Article:

His Favorite Music:
– Black Dub
– Volf Peck
– Miles Davis
– Thomas Newman Soundtracks

Also, here are the photos from his “What the gram” segment!


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