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  On this episode of Culture Hacks, we talk about running instagram ads for wedding photographers. That being said, we go over basic instagram ad knowledge so you definitely dont have to be a wedding photographer to gain some information from this! We dont claim to know everything about instagram ads, but we have used […]

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This episode is packed with the per usual FIRE that Justin & Mary tend to bring! We talk all about pursuing your dreams and what you are passionate about as well having and working that Grit muscle because its so important. We dive into originality and where they find their inspiration from and of course […]

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On this episode of the Anchored Podcast, we chat with Erica & James Clayton of Refinery Original about building a brand that attracts the right clients!! We talked primarily about building a Brand narrative which is different than just building a brand! Its key that your brand tells the story about who you are and […]

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Grow Your Wedding Photography Business with SEO On this episode of The Anchored Podcast we talk all about growing your business with SEO and utilizing different methods for doing so. SEO is Search Engine Optimization and it one of the best things you can start to implement on now to ensure long term success in […]

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On this episode of Conference Convos, prepare to have your brain absolutely melted by Steve Saporito. Steve is a magician when it comes to the business of photography! We talk all about providing a ton of value that leads to big profit. We also talk about making your clients feel like they have never felt […]

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On this episode of Conference conversations we chat with Meghan Brown who manages and runs Two Bright Lights! We talk about tips on getting published and using Two Bright Lights to do it! We also talk about the fear of rejection and how it can be helpful! Check out Two Bright Lights and make sure […]

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On this episode we continue our conference conversations series and interview Ben Hartley from Style & Story creative and 6 Figure Photography! Ben is amazing! Ben is a great teacher and educator with a heart of gold. We talk about a great way to get new clients as well as valuing your self worth! Check […]

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On this episode of Conference Convos we chat with Sean Austin, the owner and CEO of Kiss books! We talk about his passion for creating albums and the pursuit of simplicity! They create amazing handcrafted albums and make it super simple for us as creatives to order albums and make more money! Check them out […]

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On this episode of Conference Conversations, we chat with Jide Alakija who is killing it right now! He recently spoke at Mystic Seminars and when we met he gave two talks at WPPI! We talked today about capturing real moments at weddings and understanding the culture of the wedding to really bring it out! We […]

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Today we talk about our experience at WPPI, the importance of education and building a solid community in the industry!

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On this episode, we got to chat with Abby & Matt from Abby grace photography! We talk all about having self worth, and evaluating that! Going full-time in your business and the process it takes to get there and effectively emailing your clients. This is an amazing interview because she is already killing it!   […]

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Doing things for free is the black sheep in the entrepreneur world. Many people think you shouldn’t do it and shouldn’t de-value your brand. Well, we will give you a couple of reasons why we think you should and why its a good idea!

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On this episode, we dive into how to get to the point where you are booking 10K weddings and higher end brides!


How to Start Booking $10K Weddings

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