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Recently, it hit me. I have never seen a picture from my mom or dad’s weddings. Each of them have been married a couple of times, and not once have I seen a picture from any of their weddings. To contrast that, almost every time I go into the sun-room of my in-law’s house I’m compelled to open that 32 year old cream colored leather album and see the day as if I were there. It is a leather album that was put together by a professional with pictures professionally printed in a lab and bound in a book only available to a professional. Now, my parents most likely had a photographer, or someone with a camera at their wedding, and they probably got hundreds of pictures that they saw from their wedding, but I have never seen them.

I think that this has become the pattern of a lot of newlyweds today. They don’t want to go with album because it is too expensive, or doesn’t fit the budget. We see clients go with a 5×7 print of some of their favorite pictures, that they will put in a frame for the first couple of years of marriage. But what happens when they have kids? New 5x7s of their kids go in those frames and then they never see those wedding pictures again. Then their kids grow older, never seeing a picture of their parent’s wedding day unless they go hunting in the attic for those 5x7s. I don’t know about you, but 40 years down the road, I want my children to have the same joy looking and seeing their young mom and dad standing at the altar making a lifelong promise to each other. I want them to see what their grandma, grandpa, aunts and uncles look liked years before they were born.

The biggest problem I see with that is not that they won’t get the quality of images they want. They will get around 1,000 images on a disc which is a lot more than my in-laws probably got. But they will get 1,000 images that they post onto facebook and never look at again. My wife still feels like the most perfect day of her life was December 15th 2012 on that chilly day in Summerfield, NC. I walked down the aisle in my black tux and she, with her radiant beauty, walked down the aisle in her white dress and we made a promise before each other, our family and friends, and before the Lord to love each other for the rest of our lives. I never want her to forget that day and what it looked like even years down the road. But I know that if we keep that DVD in a drawer, in 10 years we wont even be able to see them. Those 1,000 photos that seem so great now, will actually lead to be a lot LESS than the 32 year old album of 100 pictures my in-laws have now.

With the way technology is advancing, DVDs wont be playable in 10 years. Heck, In 20 years there most likely wont even be USB drives on computers. If the past is any indication of the future, our kids will have no idea what a DVD looks like, how many of you actually know what an eight-track player looks like? If images were stored on something like that, there would be no way to find something to view them on, unless you spend most of your days at a pawn shop or good will.

But you know one thing that never becomes outdated and will never be replaced by technology? Tangible. Beautiful. Photographs. Photographs are the few timeless items that if processed and preserved correctly, can last for hundreds of years. The key is processing them correctly. A lot of people will take their DVD of photos to Walgreens & Walmart and pay way too much for prints onto cheap paper with cheap ink. They fade, they curl and they wont last long.

Your special day and memories will be the most important investment you can make! Because everyone has an iPhone and walks around with their point and shoot, we tend to not think as highly as professional shots from your special day. But that is why you hired a professional, right? I think you would only do those prints justice by having them professionally made in a lab. Have them treat your special day like art, and design a high-qaulity wedding album that you and your children can look at decades from now.

The great thing about purchasing your album from a photographer is that you can look at them and sample them before you make the purchase. You can feel the texture and smell the leather, you can touch it and see the quality of each and every picture.

Yes, the albums can be expensive, but they should be! When making an investment, you don’t want to invest in something that is cheap or made out of cheap materials, especially if you want it to hold the same quality for years to come. They will only increase in value because as the years go on, you will be more and more glad that you bought your album, especially if you are going through a beautiful leather-bound, custom-designed, hand assembled book.

On your 25th anniversary, you WILL want to look back on your special day and relive every moment. Why not make the space in your budget for one? Why not cut out some extras at the wedding, cut back on your guest list or not go with riding away in a limo for 20 minutes?

Remember, this album isn’t just for you either. Its for your children who want to see pictures of their young parents on one of the happiest days of their life. For your future daughter who will be dreaming of her big day and looking just like her mother, having a prince charming like her father at the altar, and picturing her dad walking her down the aisle. Because when your children go through your attic in 2050, and find a USB or a DVD they will have no idea what to do with it because it wont play in their holographic computer.

If you got a wedding album and you are glad you did, I would love to hear about it! Write a little note down below!

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