The Power of Asking | Our first Vlog!

June 21, 2017

The Power of Asking

Today we will be talking about the power of asking and how it can grow your business! One popular saying (that Devin says to me all the time!) is “You have not because you ask not.” Asking can open the door to so many opportunities that you might not have otherwise.

It’s OK if asking doesn’t come naturally to you! If you’re like Devin – outgoing, risk taker, not afraid of the answer, then you might find that asking is pretty easy for you! What you may need to work on instead is how you’re asking. Maybe you’re like me though – timid, risk averse, afraid that a “no” is somehow a personal rejection – and asking is a little scarier for you! That’s ok, and it’s normal to be a little timid about asking for things.

Asking can influence your business in SO many ways! Maybe you ask and get a “no” but the feedback helps you to grow and learn in ways you don’t expect. Or maybe you ask and you get a “yes” and that helps you grow in more expected ways!

Ideas on what to ask for : second shooting, photo critique, assisting on a shoot or wedding day, using a space for a styled shoot, asking your client to TRUST you! We have asked all of these things and sometimes we get the answer we want, and sometimes we don’t! If you don’t get the answer you (think) you want, don’t get discouraged! Sometimes that answer is a blessing in disguise!

Fear of asking can lead to inactivity which can lead to the death of your business! Don’t be so afraid to ask that it paralyzes you into complacency.

Your “ask” should always provide some sort of value to the person you’re asking something of/from. For example : if you ask to use a venue space for a style shoot, you need to promote the venue and try and get the shoot published! Good SEO is valuable, especially for a new business or venue.

Ask Your Client to Trust You

One of the biggest things we asks is not from other wedding professionals, but from our clients! With all of our clients, we are asking the same big questions “Will you trust us with the most important day of your life?” Client trust is so important to us and something we greatly value. You probably aren’t verbally asking them to trust you, but it’s implied, and it’s so important.

What are you Afraid to Ask?

What is something you’ve been wanting to ask, but you have felt too afraid to? We want to challenge you go overcome the fear, and ask! Even if you don’t get the answer you want, you will learn from the experience, and your business will grow. So get out there and get to asking! Experience the Power of asking!


Here is an example of an image that won Junebugs 2016 Best of the Best wedding images and it all came because Devin ASKED to second shoot with one of his favorite photographers!

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