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May 31, 2016

We are starting a new series called #MarriageGoals! This series is all about things we do in our marriage 🙂 We have a lot of goals and dreams together, some (really) small, some really BIG and we are so excited to begin sharing them with you!

Our Marriage

To give a little intro into our marriage, we are complete opposites in almost every way! Devin is adventurous, outgoing, and always on the go. I am not quite as adventurous, a little more reserved, and like to stick to one task at a time 😉 While these traits could definitely hinder our working (and personal) goals, we try to always play to each others strengths in all that we do!

The Athlete and The Spectator

One goal we have always had is in the area of fitness! Devin has been an athlete his whole life. He played football and baseball in high school, and then continued to play baseball in college (as well as flag football!). I have never been an athlete. I tried soccer (only lasted one season), basketball (eh… that didn’t go so well), and even begged my mom to let me take ice skating lessons … I wanted to be the next Tara Lipinski! She wasn’t buying it though. I had a habit of wanting to try things and then quitting because I didn’t like it 😉

Throughout college, Devin worked out a lot. Being a college athlete, he didn’t really have a choice, and he has always liked working out. I on the other hand, worked out probably once a semester! I have always had a fast metabolism, so working out was never even on my radar. I could eat anything I wanted and it wouldn’t affect me, at least not in ways I noticed… healthy eating is for a whole other blog post 😉

Then, we graduated. We traded walking to classes for sitting at desk jobs all. day. long. We continued to eat what we wanted, and both realized pretty quickly this wasn’t going to work out! We would occasionally go to our local gym, but there wasn’t any accountability, so we hardly ever went.

What Changed?!

Then we found Crossfit Eternal! It changed our lives! Working out at crossfit is such a HUGE difference than any other gym I’ve been to! I’m not gonna lie… I was REALLY intimidated when Devin suggested I start working out there (he hopped on that boat way before me!). So I went. And I survived! It wasn’t scary, the people weren’t mean or laughing at me because I was new and didn’t even know how to do a proper air squat. They were nice, and encouraging, and welcoming! Some workouts were a HUGE struggle for me. I would usually finish last, but it never bothered me because when you are the last one to finish, everyone else is cheering you on!

Now I do the Reboot class and Devin does the regular Crossfit WOD (workout of the day). He likes the Crossfit class because it’s a lot of strength training through weight lifting, combined with interval cardio! I like Reboot because it’s interval training and high intensity so I always burn a lot of calories! We also love the community at our crossfit box! We have become friends with so many people that we never would have met otherwise!

If you’re like me, and you HATE working out, I would really encourage you to check out a crossfit box near you! I usually leave my workout feeling really accomplished and it has really boosted my confidence both in and out of the gym.

Now, this blog post is called #MARRIAGEGoals not because our marriage is #Goals, but because they are about the goals in our marriage and how we want to continue to make it stronger! So, here are our goals for working out and we encourage you guys to continue to keep us accountable and even ask about how we are doing with our goals when you see us!


  1. Workout 3-4 times a week
  2. Get down to ~180 pounds or a good competing/fitness weight (IN SHAPE)


  1. Stay motivated to workout out 3 times a week!


What are some of your fitness and workout goals? We would love to hear your about your fitness regimen and what motivates you to get moving!



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