Craggy Gardens Session | Asheville NC | Katie + Tyler

September 15, 2016

First off, it was UHHMAZING getting to shoot this Craggy Gardens Session on the Blue Ridge Parkway for Katie & Tyler! We had so much fun and there were times where it felt like we were literally living on the edge of danger! We love shooting more Anchor & Veil Anniversaries and adding them throughout the year!

The Couple

Katie is an incredible photographer in the Charlotte area and we have really enjoyed getting to know her through our local Tuesdays Together group! There are a bunch of other photographers in the group so when she asked us to shoot her Anniversary session we JUMPED at the chance! We LOVE anniversary sessions and we especially love being able to do this for other photographers in the industry. He just started his own Mediterranean food truck business so things have been CRAZY and in the midst of that, he looked like a natural and they rocked this session!

The Craggy Gardens Session

This was a really cool day for us! We had just finished a wedding a couple of days before and hung out and explored Asheville a bit. After, we headed up the mountain to Craggy Gardens on the Blue Ridge Parkway and walked around until this crazy fog started coming in and we knew we just had to take advantage of it! First, we drove to one of their long tunnels and risked our lives while Kathryn sat in the car and yelled to warn us when card where coming. Then after we walked through the gardens stopping every 5 minuted because of how amazing things were and how ADD I am. These two created magic in these gardens and once we hit the pinnacle it was amazing! We worked our way through the fog and when w reached the top, I felt like we were at the pinnacle of everest, it was an amazing view that I have never experienced. While up there though we fought the fog and every so often got THE SHOT as it cleared! What a great day and an amazing Craggy Gardens session. Happy Anniversary you two thank you for trusting us!


in the tunnel during their session in the tunnel foreheads together black and white tunnel near craggy gardens craggy-gardens-engagement-session-anniversary-shoot-5 craggy-gardens-engagement-session-anniversary-shoot-6 craggy-gardens-engagement-session-anniversary-shoot-7 craggy-gardens-engagement-session-anniversary-shoot-8 craggy-gardens-engagement-session-anniversary-shoot-10 craggy-gardens-engagement-session-anniversary-shoot-11 craggy-gardens-engagement-session-anniversary-shoot-13 craggy-gardens-engagement-session-anniversary-shoot-14 craggy-gardens-engagement-session-anniversary-shoot-15 black and white sitting in the road under the tunnel craggy-gardens-engagement-session-anniversary-shoot-17 craggy-gardens-engagement-session-anniversary-shoot-18 craggy-gardens-engagement-session-anniversary-shoot-19 in the street holding each other during the session holding each other in the god black and white in the road holding tight craggy-gardens-engagement-session-anniversary-shoot-23 craggy-gardens-engagement-session-anniversary-shoot-24 getting close together during the session craggy-gardens-engagement-session-anniversary-shoot-26 craggy-gardens-engagement-session-anniversary-shoot-27 getting in close foreheads together almost kiss getting close during the session for the guys laughs during the session holding each other in the craggy gardens trees under the craggy gardens trees walking in her dress through craggy gardens craggy-gardens-engagement-session-anniversary-shoot-35 in the craggy gardens tree frame framed by the trees during the craggy gardens session craggy-gardens-engagement-session-anniversary-shoot-38 craggy-gardens-engagement-session-anniversary-shoot-39 holding her tight in the craggy garden trees craggy-gardens-engagement-session-anniversary-shoot-41 craggy-gardens-engagement-session-anniversary-shoot-42 craggy-gardens-engagement-session-anniversary-shoot-43 craggy-gardens-engagement-session-anniversary-shoot-44 craggy-gardens-engagement-session-anniversary-shoot-45 through the hole in the gardens craggy-gardens-engagement-session-anniversary-shoot-47 craggy-gardens-engagement-session-anniversary-shoot-48 beautiful black and white with grain as they are close together getting close together just the guy posing under a rock craggy-gardens-engagement-session-anniversary-shoot-52 craggy-gardens-engagement-session-anniversary-shoot-53 craggy-gardens-engagement-session-anniversary-shoot-54 sunset silhouette during the craggy gardens session on the Craggy gardens Pinnacle anniversary Session over the clouds during the Craggy Gardens Session engagement session purple clouds during the craggy gardens session craggy-gardens-engagement-session-anniversary-shoot-59 moon silhouette on top of craggy garden


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