Why get a Wedding Album?

April 4, 2013

I’m glad you asked! Recently, it hit me. I have never seen a picture from my mom or dad’s weddings. Each of them have been married a couple of times, and not once have I seen a picture from any of their weddings. To contrast that, almost every time I go into the sun-room of […]

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# 68 Check! – Wedding Reception Slideshow

March 11, 2013

We got to check another one off of the list of our 101 things to do in 1001 days! At the past wedding Kathryn and I did, we made one of the smartest decisions we have made so far! We made a same day, wedding reception slideshow. We originally got the idea from Jasmine Star’s blog and […]

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7 Creative Photography Project Ideas

March 2, 2013

So, I have been looking for ways to use my camera more as well as develop a personal style. I have come across a few websites,  but I decided to post my own “Creative Photography Project Ideas list”. I really think that some of the ideas on this list will help tremendously with developing creativity […]

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One Hundred & One Goals in One Thousand & One Days

February 26, 2013

One of the most unique and  and helpful differences between Kathryn and me has to do with the way we plan, dream, and set goals. I am a BIG picture dreamer, and she is a realistic, detailed goal setter. We have always talked about the idea of setting goals as a couple, but it is […]

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