The A&V Experience 101 – Building Trust in the Little Things

September 12, 2016

We are so excited that you can join us! We are just starting our new series on giving your client the best experience possible from the moment they first see your work on your website to even months and years after their wedding. Word of mouth is THE BEST way to get those ideal clients that you will love just as much as they will love you and giving the best client experience possible helps to ensure you take your clients from just ordinary to Raving fans! So follow as we go over things like your website, email correspondence, client gifts and more!

Part 1 – You Had me at Hello (Your Website)
Part 2 – Sweet Talking Winning the First impression with Your Emails!
Part 3 – Wine & Dinning – Winning Your Client During the Consultation!
Part 4 – Giving Immediate Value – Growing your business exponentially with Client Gifts!
Part 5 – Building Trust in the Little Things

HOW building trust can help grow your business in a big way

How Building Trust in the Little Things can grow your business in a Big Way!

This one is going to be a bit shorter but it can be one of the most important!

So far, I you have done everything on the list, I guarantee your clients are blown away and singing your praises becuase you are clearly THE BEST and you havnt even taken an image of them! What more could you do right?  The most important thing you can do now is build trust is built in a couple of ways.

  1. Constant Contact
    • Think about it, the most you are able to get in contact with someone, the more trust is built. This doesn’t even mean doing elaborate things to make sure they are blown away, but it’s something small. This could be a phone call to check in or an email!
    • Constant contact creates a feeling of familiarity and familiarity is a catalyst for building trust. When you feel familiar with something you instantly gravitate toward that and trust it more than others.
  2. Go the Extra Mile
    • Going the extra mile to build trust isn’t something crazy we have come up with. I know you have heard of this before and it goes all of the way back to Jesus’ teachings.  This is clearly a really important lesson to learn and implement not only in your business but in life. As small business owners, we have a little more flexibility to do this and it can look however you want! Here are some examples in the wedding industry.
      1. Help them find other vendors.
        • This is huge! They need help and you are in a perfect position to be their trusted adviser!
      2. Meet and talk them through their wedding day and your role  \
        • Make them feel confident that you know exactly what you are doing and what your role will be!
      3. Anything else you can think of!
        • We could write so much more than that but get creative and think of how you can help your clients!
  3. Build a relationship
    • So many of our clients feel not only like we are friends but even more-so, they feel like we are family. This is huge becuase if you can build a relationship like this, the sky is the limit! Your client will trust you with almost anything not only during the process but also on their wedding day. This allows for so much creative freedom and access to not only things normally off limits, but emotions not normally able to be captured. This is the real secret to capturing the moments. Building trust!
      • One small simple way we love to build relationships with our clients is to take them out to dinner after engagement sessions. We have added the price into our collections when we set our collection prices so it isn’t something that isn’t expected nor is it something that effects our profit. This is something small but man has it made a difference! Our clients feel really valued when we grab the bill, even though they actually are paying for it and the relationship has grown exponentially! This was a great addition to our business model!

Building trust is not something that takes rocket science to figure out but once you can do it, it will skyrocket your business. I think trust is one of the most important things you can build in your business and having it can give you the freedom to do what you want within it.

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