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Natalie Franke is a freaking power house! I loved being able to have her on the podcast and hear about the way she has literally changed a whole industry! If you know anything about her, Natalie started the Rising Tide Society and now has transitioned to working for Honeybook! What I love about this episode […]

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This girl is absolutely amazing and absolutely killing it! On this episode of the Anchored podcast we are talking to Melissa Hunt of Melissa Lynn Photography here in Charlotte,Nc. I seriously think this girl is one of the best senior photographers out there and her senior rep program is absolutely changing the world… Literally, its […]

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This week on the Anchored Podcast we bring you a conversation with Chelsea Moore of Shop Box Fox! This episode focuses on gifting things to your clients. We actually use Chelsea’s company for our business, so we can attest to how awesome of an idea and company it is! During our conversation, Chelsea talks how […]

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On this week’s episode of The Anchored Podcast we have the pleasure of talking to Tonie Christine! The first time we met her we instantly bonded because she is so passionate about things she cares about, as you’ll hear in the episode. We talk about everything from her “type of bride” to marketing tips and […]

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  This week on the Anchored Podcast we have the honor of talking to Fer Juaristi! He is a wedding photographer based in Mexico and a very huge inspiration to me (Devin), as you’ll hear about in the episode. One thing Fer mentioned was that he likes to go deeper in conversations as opposed to […]

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  In this week’s episode of the Anchored Podcast we get to talk to Makayla Jade! One of Makayla’s favorite topics to discuss is print photography, and so we are glad to have a whole conversation with her about it! Some of the biggest things we discussed were how to make your clients value prints, […]

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In this episode of the Anchored Podcast we get to talk to Jacob Loafman! Jacob has been named one of Rangefinders 30 Rising photographers in the world in 2016 and is extremely creative in his work. In this discussion, we talked about the difference between his personal and client work along with many other topics. We talked […]

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In this episode of the podcast we talk to Will Purgason of the band Citizen Shade! We unpacked so much in this conversation that it was hard to give this one a title! We talked about how his motivations and mindset about his music have changed over the years and how it has impacted his […]

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“In this episode of the podcast we get to talk with James Matthews! James is our financial planner and his firm, Blueprint, is on a mission to make financial planning affordable and accessible to the next generation of clients, like us. Listen to this episode to learn how they might be able to help you […]

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In this episode of the podcast we get to talk with Chris Hannant! We talk about how he uses photography to have the life that he wants to live. He gives us a glimpse into his daily life and how he has structured his life around his work style. We discuss the importance of getting […]

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On this episode of the Anchored Podcast we chat with Kristi Odom who is an amazing award winning wedding photographer who is using her business to support what she really loves, nature photography. We talk about her journey and how important it is to pursue the things you really love! Check her out here! Her […]

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  On this episode of Culture Hacks, we talk about running instagram ads for wedding photographers. That being said, we go over basic instagram ad knowledge so you definitely dont have to be a wedding photographer to gain some information from this! We dont claim to know everything about instagram ads, but we have used […]

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