The Anchored Podcast | Do Instagram Pods Work?

January 24, 2018

On this episode of The Anchored Podcast, we are talking about “Do Instagram Pods Work?” With social media ever-changing, there’s always talk about beating the algorithms. One way people try and do that is with Instagram pods. First, let’s talk about what an instagram pod is!

What Is It?

An instagram pod is a group of like minded people coming together to create interaction and engagement on each others posts to try and beat the algorithm.

Does it work?

In short, no. The way instagram’s algorithm works is it recognizes content that you engage with (by liking / commenting) and puts more of that in your feed. So if you’re liking and commenting on other photographers posts, then you’re going to see more and more of those posts instead of posts of potential clients.

Another reason pods aren’t as effective as people think is because it takes up so much time! Pods have rules and if you’re in a pod with 15 other brands and you’re following each brand and commenting / liking all of their recent content, it takes up time! Most people are in more than one pod, so if you’re in 4 pods that around 60 brands you’re following and interacting with and then it negatively affects your algorithm with the content you’re shown.

How Do you Beat the Algorithm?

You don’t! Facebook and Instagram are businesses and you can’t beat them – you have to play their game. If you play how they want, it will benefit you! Does that mean you have to shell out hundreds of dollars for sponsored posts and ads? No! It just means you have to engage with people the way they want you to.

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