5 Tips on Taking Detail Pictures

October 6, 2016

Hello friends!

Today we are sharing 5 tips on how to get amazing detail shots on the wedding day that the bride will love! Brides spend a lot of time (and money!) choosing the perfect shoes, jewelry, stationery, flowers, etc. so we love taking amazing pictures of those things for the bride to remember long after the wedding day has passed.


1. Tell The Bride What Details to Bring- and Where!

Brides have a lot to remember and think about the day of their wedding! Tell them before hand what details to remember. We tell our brides to bring shoes, jewelry, veil, perfume, flowers, dress, and a pretty hanger (if they have one) for their dress, as well as any sentimental details they have. We have them bring all of their details to the location they are getting ready- not the ceremony location! That way they feel confident and know exactly what to bring and where, the last thing you want is a bride that feels unsure of what to do or what to have. Making them feel prepared sets you up for success.

details and shoes

2.Utilize the color palette of the wedding!

Bride’s have colors that they love and they have incorporated them into their wedding, so to continue to create a cohesive look with their whole wedding, use those colors with their detail. There’s multiple ways you can do this- using a bridesmaids dress as a background is a great way to pull in the wedding colors. We literally will grab a bridesmaids dress and set the details on top of them, sometimes if the dress is really bright we use the veil in between to defuse the color. We have also used table linens (if the reception/ceremony/getting ready location is the same venue), and details from the table to help incorporate the feel of the wedding day.

rings on the kate spade shoes with a bow

3. Bring a hanger and command hook for the wedding dress.

The most forgotten item on the wedding day is a nice hanger for the dress- this isn’t a huge deal, but it’s nice to have a pretty hanger instead of the plastic one from the Bridal Store! We have a backup wooden hanger with notches that we keep with us just in case! Command hooks also come in handy when you’re in a space that doesn’t have anywhere to hang the dress. We love finding a really neutral colored wall near some beautiful light and sticking a command hook there and photographing the dress. Create your own pallet!

4. Find good light for your detail shots!

All you need is a beautiful light and it doesn’t need to be a large source. for the image below, we shot the details in the laundry room floor with one tiny window!! It had beautiful light streaming in, and a cool floor, so find where the light is and set eh details there! We have shot details on bathroom floors, outside, or on a table/chair near a window. It’s all about finding (or creating) the best light.


5. Try something different for your detail shots!

It can get mundane taking detail shots so it’s important to try new things to stay creative! You can do this by using artificial light, reflections, textures, backgrounds, etc. Give yourself a few extra minutes to try a new set up after getting a “safe shot.”

details-30-of-39 details-10-of-40 details-8-of-40
Christian Louiboutin shoes at asheville mountains destination wedding brides shoes in the hotel

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As always, feel free to comment with any questions!


-The Robinsons



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