5 Things You Might Not Know About Us!

September 23, 2016

Happy Friday, friends!

If you follow us on social media, there’s probably a lot of things you know about us! Like the fact that we have two adorable cats, Winston and Oliver…. or the fact that Devin likes to do crazy things during weddings that get his pants ripped 😉

Today we wanted to give you a little inside scoop and talk about 5 things you might not know about us!

  1. We LOVE real life crime TV shows! Basically, if it comes on A&E, we love it. Two of our favorites are The First 48 and Night Watch. We don’t have cable at home, so anytime we travel we take advantage of cable in the hotel 🙂 We always try to crack the case before the detectives do- let’s just say it’s a good thing we’re photographers and not police officers.
  2. Our favorite football team is the Seattle Seahawks! This may come as a surprise to you since neither of us have ties to Seattle, so let me explain! I went to N.C. State for a year while Russell Wilson was there! Devin lived in California, and loves the USC Trojans, whose former football coach is none other than Pete Carroll. And people always tell Devin he looks like Russell (especially when his hair is long), so there ya go! The Panthers are our second favorite team though so all you Charlotteans can rest easy!
  3. Ok, so you know that we have 2 cats, but you might not have guessed that Devin was the one that wanted to get them! He loves our cats (as do I, but he shows it a little more). It is so sweet! One time I actually overhead him say “Winston… did you say something?!” And yes, I have permission to share this story 😉 Turns out a video started playing on Devin’s iPad and he thought maybe Winston was talking to him! Wouldn’t that be great if our pets could talk!?
  4. If we could live anywhere in the world, we would live somewhere near Seattle, WA (Even though we’ve only been to the area once!) The scenery is unreal there! And we already love the Seahawks so it seems like a good place to be 🙂
  5. We are slightly obsessed with Apple Products… which you probably know. But what you might not know is that I totally converted Devin into an Apple user! When we met, he was using a PC! He may or may not deny this upon questioning 😉 Now we are a fully devout Apple family! Devin even watches the keynote speeches!img_9249This picture was our Christmas card last year!! Oliver was still just a baby 🙂 We hope that gives you a little insight into our lives and some of the things we love!


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