Anchored Podcast | Changing the World & Challenging Yourself with Natalie Franke

October 7, 2018

Natalie Franke is a freaking power house! I loved being able to have her on the podcast and hear about the way she has literally changed a whole industry! If you know anything about her, Natalie started the Rising Tide Society and now has transitioned to working for Honeybook!

What I love about this episode is that it wasn’t the basic, tell me your story, I mean it was that, but this was so much deeper! We talked about the struggles that a lot of us have, who are we, if not a photographer! one of the greatest struggles many of us have when it comes to our job, is that it becomes our identity, it because who people think we are. Well, Natalie stepped out of that role and she talks about how she overcomes those emotions and struggles with her identity.

We talked about limited ourselves as entrepreneurs and how we aren’t bound by job titles. One of my favorite topic we tackled was the need for affirmation that plagues our industry. So many people are trying to impress other people without really serving our clients.

We talked about:

Knowing where your true worth and value lies
Constructive criticism is crucial in shaping the most important things. When advice or criticism comes from a good place don’t ignore it.
Feedback is critical to business and person development
Competition is not inherently a bad thing
One way for someone to implement video into their business
The important of resilience in an entrepreneur

I can go on and on about what we talked about, I just think you should listen to the podcast episode!

Also, one of the most impactful moments of the whole podcast was when Natalie revealed what she learned from being diagnosed with a brain tumor and having to fight through that. This woman is a real inspiration!

Here are her photos for this segment of What the gram!

And if you want to check out her Vlog in the salt flats, you can see it here:


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