Raleigh NC Engagement Session | Danielle & Kevin


We have the most amazing time during Danielle & Kevin’s raleigh engagement session!

The Couple

Danielle & Kevin are two people that seem like they couldn’t be more opposite! She is an elegant English marketing princess and he is a southern born machinist! Together they are fire! Together they can take the world and together they have a lot of fun together! It is always so much fun for us when we get to be around couples that just enjoy each others company. Especially with engagement sessions, when two people really love each other and also mesh well it makes the session easier for authentic interaction and less posing. It was fun to hear about how they met online and how he almost made the biggest mistake of his life by going fishing instead of going out on a date with her! He wised up and she gave him another chance and the rest is history as they say. We really enjoyed getting to hang out and have dinner after the session at this amazing Lebanese place called Sitti-Raliegh, definitely worth it a try!

The Raleigh Engagement Session

We made our way to raleigh to meet the couple at their apartment then followed them deep, deep into the woods. To us “City folk” it seemed like we were going on forever into the woods. We went to a farm where Danielle has been riding horses on and off for years and it was awesome! Farms and a lot of land is really interesting for us to photograph because there isn’t a whole lot to work with so you have to be creative with the light and with scenery that is around. There aren’t any arches or architecture to add diversity to the shoot, there is just open field. So when I say we got creative, we did and I am so glad that they were down for anything!


Standing and posing hand in hand Leaning on his shoulder has he looks at the camera twirling her and spinning and catching her leaning on his shoulder and he looks at her walking through the fields of gold together holding in his arm in the fields holding tight and looking back toward him whispering something in her ear standing under a leaf arch standing in his arms facing the light in his arms holding tight pulling her in with the beautiful light coming in close for a kiss and smiling holding her tight with the her skirt with pockets looking down to her and enjoying her face running through the fields of gold holding hands in the field as they walk almost kissing while holding hair running and jumping into his arms walking through the fields of gold hand and hand walking and shoe details laying together in the grass laying together in the grass the couple each posing individually with the bow tie and shoes standing in the street holding the sign having his whole heart for his whole life sign in the woods getting close kissing in the woods leaning on his shoulder while sitting on the quilt giving him some love on the cheek while he looks toward her wrapped in the quilt showing love getting close and almost kissing while wrapped in the quilt


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