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In this episode of the Anchored Podcast we get to talk to Jacob Loafman! Jacob has been named one of¬†Rangefinders 30 Rising photographers in the¬†world in 2016 and is extremely creative in his work. In this discussion, we talked about the difference between his personal and client work along with many other topics. We talked […]

Being Yourself and the Importance of Community with Jacob Loafman

Anchored Podcast

In this episode of the podcast we talk to Will Purgason of the band Citizen Shade! We unpacked so much in this conversation that it was hard to give this one a title! We talked about how his motivations and mindset about his music have changed over the years and how it has impacted his […]

Staying Original and The Art of Balancing Life with Will Purgason


Today we talk about our experience at WPPI, the importance of education and building a solid community in the industry!

Conference Conversations – Intro

Anchored Podcast

We were recently nominated for Rangefinder’s rising top 30’wedding photographers in the world and we didn’t win. That’s ok, we talk about why we love losing and what that means to us!

We Didn’t Win, it’s ok, We Love Losing



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