84. Dylan Howell and Corey Potter – The SEO Experts

Anchored Podcast

I really enjoyed interviewing Dylan and Corey. These guys really know their stuff! I personally have their SEO course and have learned so much. Everyone talks about SEOs and wants to use them, but so many people don’t actually know how. Dylan and Corey give great advice on how to use SEOs to generate traffic to your website. (SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization). Google is generally the search engine people think of most often, but YouTube is actually a highly used search engine that a lot of people don’t take advantage of. Dylan and Corey give some great advice on using YouTube to your advantage. They also talk about important aspects of building a website or blogging to keep in mind when thinking about SEOs. We also spend time talking about backlinks and getting on websites that have authority and the way that Google works as a search engine.

You can join Dylan and Corey’s facebook group Fuel Your Photos. You can find out more about the SEO course here.

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