2014 Year in Review

March 10, 2015


No matter how much I want to refrain from the obligatory “Year in Review” post, I can’t help but to get nostalgic and thank the Lord for how much our business has grown and how much we have grown as photographers and friends! Our business jumped from just shooting 4 weddings in 2013, I have no idea why someone would even hire us, to shooting almost 25 in 2014! 14 of those were our own and we have had the INCREDIBLE opportunity to second shoot with some of our favorite photographers in the world.

Photographers like Richard Israel, Crystal Stokes & Lauren Jackson that have been great friends to Kathryn and me and have taught us so much about the business of photography and really loving what we do. And Matt Powell Productions who graciously let us shoot for them! We instantly fell in love with shooting in the mountains with their help!

This past year has taught us a lot about business. As the year went on we learned lessons that made us want cry, make us want to scream with joy and even rip our hair out. Sometimes there are things that happen that make us extremely confident in what we do and others that make us want to throw in the towel and just give up. The Lord has used these lessons to shape our business and make it into what it is. We have learned how to serve our clients and make their Wedding Experience the best it could possibly be and find the real purpose what we want our business to be about. We aren’t just another photographer, we are the photographers for the most amazing clients in the world. We get to take pictures of the most special moments in the most special seasons of the most special people’s life! It’s pretty Legit. We also have some pictures fro our missions trip in the Dominican! We’re excited about 2015. Our first year as FULL TIME PHOTOGRAPHERS!

Enjoy our favorite ~160 images from 2014!

Now let the trumpets blow in 2015! Its going to be a great year!


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